I can free you from struggle, heartache, blocks, self-sabotage, and so much more

by revealing and healing the secret pain that caused it,

activating your divine potential and illuminating the way ahead.

As an emotional intuitive and spiritual healer, my gifts allow me to expose the hidden truth behind your problems, reveal the real reason you're blocked, show you all the ways you're perpetuating old patterns, heal and release all pain and frustration, and activate your sovereign divinity so you can break the cycle at last and set yourself free.

Step 1. Choose your session type:




Heal from emotional pain, depression, anxiety, frustration, heartache, and more. Using The Emotion Code as our guide, we'll find and free you from negative emotional energy that's become trapped in your body, healing your pain and freeing you for a life of happiness at last.




Obliterate self-sabotage, liquefy your limiting beliefs, and smash through your own glass ceiling. Beginning with a list of what you want to manifest, we'll discover what's really been blocking you and then wipe the slate clean, allowing you to finally create the life of your dreams, just like magic.




Customize your healing experience with my concierge services for elite clients. As your own private healer, I'll be by your side and at your service as you undergo profound personal transformation, discover the depths of your spiritual identity, and step into the divine feminine power that is your birthright.  

(Details coming soon)

All sessions are done remotely via online video chat. Recordings will be sent to clients following the session. Payment must be made in full at the time of the booking.

Step 2. Book your session:

Visit my online scheduler to book your private healing session.

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