Master Your Anxiety and Conquer Your Fear: Your Five-Minute ...

What's really the cause of your anxiety? And what's the secret to kicking it to the curb? In this 25-minute audio training, you'll learn the physiological, emotional, and spiritual causes of anxiety; the role of generational trauma in our daily lives; and the beautiful opportunity to heal that exists in the moment of our greatest fears.


Plus, I'll teach you how to "hack" the body's autonomic nervous system in 5 minutes or less using my best practices for calming the body, healing the mind, and freeing the soul.


Also included in this download is a one-page printable "cheat sheet" to help you walk through my five-step process for processing your emotions and conquering your fears.



  • How anxiety works as a trigger for deeper emotional healing
  • How the body's biology hijacks your emotional responses
  • Two powerful techniques for conquering stress and fear
  • My 5-minute hack for mastering anxiety, depression, and more
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