Smash your

upper limits and

get everything


you want.

If you're ready to finally obliterate self-sabotage, liquefy your limiting beliefs,

and smash through your own glass ceiling,

This is for you.

Do you struggle to manifest your deepest desires?


Do you suffer from self-sabotage, upper-limiting, or imposter syndrome?


Are you tired of going around in circles, always coming back to the same old blocks but never receiving what you know in your heart belongs to you?

And most importantly, are you ready to end the cycle once and for all?

If so, then listen up:

This magic is for you.

We begin with a list of things you want to manifest or a list of goals and desires. Together we go through each item one by one as I feel into your energy to determine whether or not you’re aligned with them. It’s a moment of truth where we find out if you’re really working toward your dreams or just pushing them away with all kinds of unnecessary drama.


Where you’re not in alignment, we do some digging to find out what’s blocking you. Is it fear? A limiting belief? A played-out habit of victimhood? An actual echo of trauma? Or is this thing just really a shiny object, something that’s actually not in your best interests or for your highest good so it’s time to let it go already?


Whatever the case, I dig deep to uncover the true cause of the misalignment or block — the moment that started it all that’s buried deep in your past but still lurking in the shadows. And then I remove it, kicking it to the curb for good.

Last but not least I’ll feel into your highest path, refining your list and cleaning up your energy to create a perfect high-vibin’ match. We’ll end the session by preparing a let’s-do-this action plan with customized spiritual guidance and simple but powerful to-do’s that will magnetize your manifestations to you at long last, just like magic.

Manifestation Magic is a lighthearted, fun, and exciting process,

but make no mistake:

You'll receive deep emotional healing along the way.

You’ll gain unparalleled insight into the all the ways the pain of your past has been holding you back, and at last you’ll be wiped clean of those big barriers to your success and happiness, re-charged and ready to finally receive the life of your dreams.

Here's what some of my clients had to say:

"It's still sinking in and all processing, but OMG ... Lindsay Maxfield!! Using The Emotion Code, Lindsay went through my list of things I want to manifest to check my energetic alignment with them, then identify and clear trapped emotions related to each one. I've had some experience with Emotion Code clearing before, but this was off the charts! The process itself is elegant in its simplicity and effectiveness, but coupled with Lindsay's spiritual gifts, it's a powerful experience. Wowzer. I highly recommend Lindsay and tell everyone about her amazing work!"

-Kathy Damas, Boulder, Colorado

"I had a Manifestation Magic session with Lindsay and I highly recommend with all the comets, meteor showers, and lightning bolts shooting out of the screen. First, this is a really positive and light experience. Second, she's whip-smart and fast. She blew my mind as she just nailed it in seconds flat. Lindsay is truly brilliant and hugely gifted. This is a priceless service. One of my super powers is knowing when and what is 'the thing' for those that I sense it for. I don't do it lightly and never as a matter of course. The rare times I call it, it's the real deal. And this is one of those times. This is a golden egg."


-Jessica Sunshine Christian, Atlanta, Georgia

Are you ready to finally create the life of your dreams?

Let's do this.

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