You’re poised to be the woman who has it all.


You’re climbing to the top of the heap, achieving more success than most people dream of, and leading countless others to their own joys and victories. You are driven by passion and conviction, wielding your influence justly and working tirelessly to achieve new heights of greatness and pave the way for others to do the same. You're a change-maker and a fearless leader, and no goal is too out of reach.

The world needs you. This is your time.
But who is standing up to support you?

Behind every powerful woman lurks the shadows of all she's fought to overcome.


Behind every truly successful woman is someone to help her outshine the darkness for good.

I'm here to help you do just that.

After an 18-year career in the communications field as a journalist, editor, and marketing executive, I know too well the pressures placed on high-achieving women in the world today. Now, as a spiritual healer, energy alchemist, and Certified Assertiveness Coach TM, I use my intuitive gifts to help exceptional clients rise to full power and take their rightful place as leaders in a brave new world.

As your private healer, I'm your secret weapon, your spiritual advisor and personal shaman — your own private guru — and I'm by your side in a moment to provide you with spiritual support, compassion and healing, and transformational magic as you navigate the perilous road ahead.

My ultimate goal is to restore you to full power and presence, free from the pains and gauntlets of a disproportionate world determined to keep you quiet and hold you back.

As an intuitive healer and energy alchemist, I tap into my gifts as a clairvoyant, empath, psychic medium, and natural energy channel to help you fully heal from the pains of the past, overcome fear and insecurity, gain clarity and confidence on your individual path, and prepare you to rise to meet your future.

In short? I'm here to help you to

smash your upper limits

and get everything you want.

My specialty is helping clients see how the painful experiences of their past — and the anxieties and traumas they've inherited and picked up along the way — have created the subconscious patterns, blocks, fears, and sabotage that are the root cause of their problems today.

We can heal it all, releasing you from your shadows and freeing you up at last to rise to your greatest potential.

The result is peace, power, confidence, and total transformation,

knowing that whatever comes your way,


you've got the support

you need, on your time and

when you need it.

My Concierge Services are for you if:
  • You've heard the call to greatness and you desperately want to answer it, but you're scared, unsure, afraid of your own power ... but filled with a restlessness and deep desire to discover it once and for all.

  • You have big goals and high ambition, and you are ready to call in the best possible team to support you on your way to the top ... and you won't stop until you get there.

  • You know that in order to achieve greatness, you must be willing to take a hard look inside and face whatever you find with courage ... and be willing to do the hard work and walk the path of healing — day by day, week by week, no matter what it takes.

  • You are used to a high standard of excellence and accept nothing but the best in all areas of life ... and you know that high quality comes at a high premium, and for you, it's worth every penny.

  • You're tired of patching over the holes and piecing your life together one bit at a time. You want healing, now, and you're willing to invest in yourself and go the distance to finally make it happen.

Here's what you will achieve with me:


Get laser-like focus and crystal clarity on the goals that match your heart's true desires.


Magnetize money, connections, and opportunities with ease.


Amplify your influence and multiply your reach exponentially.


Banish imposter syndrome and be able to receive the recognition and success you deserve.


Erase the imprints of pain, trauma, and fear and move forward with total confidence.


Eliminate anxiety, uncertainty, and insecurity and harness a clear vision for your future.


Soothe troubled relationships and create stronger, more supportive and loving bonds.


Bring you into alignment with the people, circumstances, things, and life you want.


Rise to full power and step into your highest potential with confidence, purpose, and poise.


Smash your upper limits and get everything you want.

Concierge Services Details:

Concierge Services - Package 1

+ 4 weekly 60-minute sessions by phone or online call

+ Audio recording of each session

+ 4 weekly 20-minute follow-up calls

+ 4 weekly remote energy clearing sessions

+ Private email access to me

Concierge Services - Package 2

+ 4 weekly 60-minute sessions by phone or online call

+ Audio recording of each session

+ 4 weekly 20-minute follow-up calls

+ 4 weekly remote energy clearing sessions

+ Private email access to me

+ One in-person VIP healing day at your location

+ Access to intuitive and healing services not available to other clients



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